DELVIS NY BIRMASTANDARD ( fet stil ) gäller från 2008-01-01 Beslut vid FIFes årsmöte 2007

From ÖVEK  
Proposal 1 – Change to the Scale of Points in the Standard of the Sacred Birman – SBI  


Sacred Birman Standard scale of points


Scale of Points

Total   100
Head general shape, cheeks, nose, jaws and teeth, forehead, chin placement and shape of the ears 20
shape and colour of the eyes 5
Body shape, size, bone structure legs and shape of paws 20
Tail length and shape 10
Coat body colour and points 10
quality and texture, length 10
Gloves on the front feet 5
on the hind feet 5
gauntlets 5
uniformity and symmetry of gauntlets and gloves 5
Condition   5
Motivation: The eye colour of the Birman is very important for the look and should therefore obtain points.
The proposal was accepted with 31 yes to 1 no votes and 0 abstentions.